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What is Sembrar Cantando?

Sembrar Cantando is a Non-for-profit Organization that works to promote the social and cultural inclusion of children and adolescents from the most vulnerable boroughs in Virreyes, San Fernando District, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is achieved through choral music and other performing arts, also giving them the opportunity to attend concerts and cultural activities throughout the country.

Our Mission.

Sembrar Cantando is a social inclusion project for children and adolescents from vulnerable areas. Through choral music and other performing arts, it attempts to generate and provide them with opportunities, as well as to give them a personal space to make a better, purposeful use of their time.


The project resorts to music and other forms of art, such as body language, theatre, and dancing, to help them not only fully develop their ability to interact, communicate, express themselves, and work together, but also pursue, together with their families, the objective of overcoming their situation, realizing their full potential, becoming integrated with society and enjoying a rich variety of cultural and human development programs through their participation in artistic events.

Our Vision.

We integrate singing and performing arts by incorporating elements from theatre and dancing. Through body language and music, they learn to express themselves and thus sing using their whole bodies. We also provide theatre and dance workshops delivered by experts in each discipline.


Songs making up our repertoire are chosen for their educational and enriching message. From them we derive a motto that guides our work all year round, as well as an annual retreat held with the children and their families.

2014: I need to be something new this time.

Our mottos, over the years

2015: We are all one, with the others.

2016: I will see you again today.

2017: Open your eyes, look up and enjoy life.

The choir in the voice of its members.


What does the choir mean to you?

"It's a place to escape this world for a while."


What does the choir mean to you?

"To many, it is a glass of warm milk in winter."


What does the choir offer the children and adolescents in your boroughs?

"It helps them keep off the streets."


What does the choir offer the children and adolescents in your boroughs?

"It's a second home for them."


What does the choir offer the children and adolescents in you boroughs?

"It gives them something to do, and perhaps discover a vocation."

2018: Wake up! Let's dream and work together to realize our dreams.

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