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Work methodology

Work is organized under the form of workshops, with group and voice-specific rehearsals. We start by offering them music, vocal, rhythmic, auditory and body language games to warm up and loosen up their voices and bodies. Next, the songs are taught and rehearsed, also integrating the theatrical component, which includes dancing, choreographic movements, dialogue, and recitation. Work is lead by a musical director, assisted by vocal technique, dancing, and theatre coaches, as well as voice leaders.

As part of our annual work program, we take part in concerts, shows and events organized by the Culture Secretariat reporting to the Municipality of San Fernando, schools, borough associations, and by Sembrar Cantando itself.

Every year, we organize a choir meeting in different underprivileged places throughout the country where choir music is not known, planting the seed for the development of a local choir project that may attract and open up opportunities for an increasing number of children and adolescents.

Moreover, we encourage families to take part in productive activities with the purpose of raising funds for this annual trip. As part of this objective, a festival called Festival Virreyes Canta y Baila is held in neighborhood parks in the Virreyes Oeste borough, together with raffles and yard sales. All of these efforts contribute to further integrating and involving families, while acting as a vehicle for an enriching community experience.

Specific Objectives.

Help the children and teenagers:
  • Learn to express themselves using their whole voices and bodies.

  • Learn to communicate and listen to each other.

  • Learn to abide by the choir’s and the community rules.

  • Develop a violence- and drug-free culture.

  • Make art, beauty, values and positive interests a part of their daily lives.

  • Develop their full potential.

  • Deploy their talents, while making a positive contribution to the world.

  • Feed properly to lead a healthy life.

  • Value the effort involved in making progress and developing.

  • Thank God and walk this life led by His hand, guided by hope in a better future.

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